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Formic Acid


Synonym:  Methanoic Acid, Hydrogen Carboxylic Acid, Aminic Acid, Formylic Acid & Formic Acid.

Formic acid is used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed. In the poultry industry, formic acid is sometimes added to feed to kill salmonella bacteria. Formic acid is used to process organic latex (sap) into raw rubber. Beekeepers use formic acid as a miticide against the Tracheal (Acarapiswoodi) mite and the Varroa mite. It is the active ingredient in some brands of household limescale remover. It is used in laboratories as a solvent modifier for HPLC separations of proteins and peptides, especially when the sample is being prepared for mass spectrometry analysis. Clinical pathology laboratories to disinfect prion activity in brain samples use it.

Use: Preservative

Functions:  Drilling Fluid Additives, Preservative, Anti-corrosive & Biocide.

Industry: Food Chemicals, Industrial,  Water Treatment,  Industrial Drilling,  Oil and Gas Production,  Anti-Corrosives,  Petro chemistry,  Drilling Fluid,  Hydraulic Fracturing.


Item Specification Actual Result
Appearance Colorless Clear Liquid Without The Suspended Colorless Clear Liquid Without The Suspended
Purity 85.00% Min 85.6%
Chroma (PT-CO) 30 Max 10
Chlopride (CL) 0.006% Max 0.002%
Sulphate (SO4) 0.02% Max 0.001%
iron (Fe) 0.0006% Max 0.0001%
Evaporation Residue 0.06% Max 0.005%
Conclusion Qualified