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Sulphuric Acid


Sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid. It is soluble in water with release of heat. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It will char wood and most other organic matter on contact, but is unlikely to cause a fire. Density 15 lb / gal. Long term exposure to low concentrations or short term exposure to high concentrations can result in adverse health effects from inhalation. It is used to make fertilizers and other chemicals, in petroleum refining, in iron and steel production, and for many other uses.

Sulfuric acid is often referred to as the “universal chemical” and “the chemical that makes chemicals” due to the numerous applications for sulfuric acid as a raw material or processing agent. Sulfuric acid is a ubiquitous chemical – meaning it appears everywhere in chemical manufacturing. It is used in a number of important markets, notably in the production of fertilizers and in the mining of precious metals. It is used in a variety of chemical applications, including the production of steel, paper, sugar, gasoline, and in water purification. Sulfuric acid reacts with water and organic materials. It is virtually colourless and odorless.

Sulfuric acid is produced at this facility through the combustion of elemental sulfur (S) to form sulfuric dioxide (SO2). The SO2 is transformed into sulfur trioxide (SO3) through a catalytic oxidation. The SO3 then reacts with water by being absorbed in concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

Transportation of acid is hazardous and expensive. We have the experience to handle and transport large quantities of acid and can deliver acid through its own fleet of tankers, while customers can be assured safe, secure and in a time delivery. Sulfuric acid is available in HM HDPE Carboys of 50 kg’s, or in bulk (10, 15 metric ton road tanker) as per the client’s requirement.

Specification of Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)

Item No Name of Item / Subject Technical Specification / Standards / Part No
1 Chemical Formula H2SO4
2n Grade Commercial
3 Purity 98.00% @ 15 degree
4 Insoluble MAtter 0
5 Specific Gravity at ambient Temperature 1.8364 (Minimum)
6 Chloride (CL) 10.0 PPM (Minimum)
7 Iron (Fe) 48.00 PPM (Minimum)
8 Arsenic <8 PPM
9 Lead (Pb) <10 PPM
10 Ignition Residue 100 PPM (Minimum)
11 Hardness is Calcium (Ca) 0.060 PPM (Minimum)
12 Appearance Colorless
13 Packing Supplied Sulphuric Acid must be in selected Air tight high quality 0.5 (min) cm thicker new plastic jar / can